Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello people :)
Imma be using my tumblr now. 
Not gonna blog for awhile
Peace Out LoveDrunkers 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nicholas Sparks said Dear John. Well I say Dear Martin ;)

Dear Martin, yesterday was crappy :S
Melaka, I hate you :P
So many historical shit :S
Honestly, I don't care what Parameswara did in the past okay? -.-
Jeez xD
Just doing a short post :)
Oh and guess who became The Little Red Riding Hood today? :P
ME! :D
Wore all red ;)
My fave colour is red baybay :D
Anyway, thats all for now ;)

Boys Like ME Girls 

I ♥ Boys Like Girls

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey Bullies, Fuck You! :)

Honestly, I don't know why people bully other people??
Now I know how Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus felt when they were bullied arnd my age -.-
Anyway,yeah today was one of the worst days ever..
And not to mention non of the bastards in class wont admit that they did it
Come to think of it, I think it's like a bitch fight :P
I mean girls.
Girls are doing this.
And plus, if guys like hate you, they wouldn't write stuff on the walls, tables, chairs and books,
They'd just like spill your water bottles, steal your chair or whatever not xD
Lol :P
Anyway, yeah I just hope they just stop on Monday :S
P.S Y'all better watch it okay?! I have Martin on speed dial! :P
He wants to kill y'all too :P
Look at the pic.
See how angry he is xD
Peace :)

I ♥ Boys Like Girls

Monday, March 29, 2010

Short Post :)

Ahhh. Don't tell look so sexy on the Kids Choice Awards 2010? :)
What am I talking about they are always hot :P
Anyway, just doing a short post.
Don't know what to post about but..
I honestly have to say, they look so gangster in this pic xD
If there were like bubble box this is what they'd say :

Paul: Oh yeah. I look geewwdd :) Those chicks are totally checking me out.
Martin: *Wink Wink* Yeah ladies, that's right, it's me Martin Johnson, of Boys Like Girls. Check me out
John: Teeheee! Hi mommy :DD
Bryan: Ergh. Martin is such a douche. Ladies, just so you know, he snores when he sleeps -__-

Lol xD The End :)
Hope you like it ;)

I ♥ Boys Like Girls

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour :)

It is exactly 9.26 now and I am blogging xD
So much for saving the environment Azu :P
Anyway, lemme tell you guys a very stupid story tht happened to me xD
Not so long ago, in a land not so far away, xD
Just now, I was happily sleeping around 8.28 and dreaming about my thunder, Martin,
And suddenly the lights went off :S
He came in and he was like "Earth Hour la :P"
And I was like "Seriously? -.- Aduhaaaii"
And he was giving me the 'look'
And I was like "Sorry I can't see your 'look' now. EARTH HOUR!"
And then my sister came.
And I flashed my handphone but I couldn't really see properly...
She said something which scared me :S
What? I get scared easily in the dark okaayy? :P
Anyway, I told her she looked like a zombie person like in those zombie-diseased movie xD
Eheheheh :P
And she pulak gave me the 'look'
And I was like "Sorry can't SEEE!"
How many times can a person give the 'look' to another person in a day man? -.-
Lol :P
Anyway, The End :)
Hope you guys like the story xD
I know Martin does
Anyway, hope you guys took part in the Earth Hour thing like I did :)
Save the environment, Save the world xD
Pffftttt. I'm lame :)
Seeeee, Martin also said "Even one person can make a difference"
Look at the pic xP
Anyway, that is all
Peace Out

Boys Like Girls love the environment and you should too ;)

I Boys Like Girls

saturday, march 27, 2010

Sports Day ' 10

I know you guys are probably wondering why did I put this picture..
Well, it was the closes picture I had of Boys Like Girls that has something to do
with sports okaayy? :P
Anyway, I think this today's sports day is the best compared to the previous sports day and all..
Even if Red House didn't win anything but i was still nice :)
We still got semangat! xD
Cheerleading was ass-kicking but I thought we were gonna win but I guess I was wrong :(
That really bumped me out..
I was a little bit emo but after a few minutes of thinking about Martin,
I was fine :)
See, Martin always saves the day ;D
For me at least.
He's MY thunder ;)
The cheerleading outfit was quite nice :)
I imagined it differently but when I saw it, I was in shock :)
Anyway, Ashlee is the sports woman ;) No surprise there.
She's HOT!
Lol. Perasan :P
Gosh, I can't feel my back and my tighs.. :S
Haha. Random. xD

Congratulations Ashlee baybay for being the sports woman this year
Martin loves you too ;)

I Boys Like Girls

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I ♥ Boys Like Girls